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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Bobby Boozer, Jr. who was born in Hughes Arkansas on August 19, 1956 and passed away on November 23, 2006 at the age of 50. We will remember him forever.

I wish , as I know my whole family does, that I could put into words, the love we had for Bobby and how special he was to all of us. I wish I could tell you how it broke our hearts to lose him and that today (almost 4 years later) hurts as bad as the day we let him go. 

I held his hand as his precious heart beat its last beat.

I got to tell him that I loved him and I got to hear that he loved me, right before he went into a surgery that he would never survive. And you cant ask for more than that.


I know that he is in a special place, but he is in my heart also. And will always be. I love you, Bobby.......

Bobby was the second child and the only son of 6 kids. He grew up in Hughes and moved to Batesville at the age of 15. He loved hunting and fishing and building things. His sisters all share special memories of time spent with him and what a wonderful brother he was. He was his daddys best friend and the love of his mama's life. He was a very special person even growing up. He had lots of friends but he was always closest to his cousins, Ben Boozer of Heth and Carlton Boozer of McHue. 

Bobby got married at a very early age to Veneda Wofford. Together they had 2 children, Chris and Brian, but the marriage was hard for them both to handle at such a young age. After only a few years they divorced and he married Tina Crisel who already had a son, Randy. After a few years together, they had another son, Nathan.  They were married about  7 years and they too divorced. Bobby stayed single for a long time after that. He moved to North Little Rock, Conway and to Cabot where he owned a couple of mechanic shops and worked for himself. He always said he would never get married again and then he met Diane Williams. Diane had 2 children from a  previous marriage. Bobby and diane were married after a few years and had 1 daughter together, Candi. 

July 26, 2009

 Life has been tough for us all with you gone Bobby. Its almost as it you led the way to prepare us all for the heartache to come. Not to say that there havent been good things happen but it seems that the bad things that happen are that much harder because we dont have you to talk to, lean on or to guide us. You were my "BIG" little brother, my bestest friend and I miss you everyday.

There are so many things that we were counting on having you around for. And now we have to count on ourselves. We still have you to talk to cause you're always in our hearts, but we dont have you to listen to. And we miss that.

WE learned that our life can change drastically at a moments notice. We have been so fortunate that we have never felt a loss of a loved one this close to us and at an early age. Life doesnt prepare you for that.  And now its just a matter of time that we will all be joining you. Each and every goodbye is a declaration of love because we dont when or if we will see each other again.

I just wish you were here. I miss you so much...........

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Tributes and Condolences
Goodbye  / Linda Branscum (sister)
Many times we prayed to God, 'Please dont take him, we need him". Many times we asked the Lord, "Why didnt you answer our prayers?" We cried, we grieved, we just couldnt believe, but we had to let him go. Everyone knows we a...  Continue >>
Daddys best friend   / Linda (sister)
After you left Bobby, Daddy didnt have many people he talked to but Uncle Fred was not only his brother but his best friend. Uncle Fred died yesterday. It was kinda unexpected because he just had his 80th birthday celebration a couple of mo...  Continue >>
memories  / Dee Akers (sister)
I remember when you first told me that you loved me.It was at Batesville Speedway and I was kind of mad at you(I hate that I got mad now, I think we all have those moments we regret saying doing or thinking something we wish we hadnt).I was sitting i...  Continue >>
Rest in peace   / Pam Bates (sister)
    It will soon be five years since you left us behind and it still seems so unreal that you aren't here. It's easy to think that you're just 90 miles away....too busy with school bus problems and not enough free time for yourself or ...  Continue >>
Letters to Bobby   / Linda (sister)
Dear Bobby,     I cant talk to you on the phone, but I can write to you and I know you're close by to hear my heart. You're family is doing well these past 5 years but it hasnt been easy. You wouldnt believe how your little...  Continue >>
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His legacy
Bobbys Life Story  
This is his Obituary.

Bobby was born in Hughes Arkansas to Bob and Ellen Boozer. He was the second child of 6 and was their only son. He was his daddys best friend his mothers loving son
and his wife children and sisters all adored him. You could never get enough of being with Bobby. He was a loving nourishing spirit and loved his family.
Bobby was survived by his wife Diane Boozer his parents Bob and Ellen Boozer of Conway and his in laws Jerva and Kathleen Harkleroad of Batesville. Bobby was the father of 7 children. 4 sons- Chris and Brian Boozer of Jonesboro Ar Nathan Boozer of Greenbrier Ar Randy Crisell of Meiflower Ar 3 daughters- Misty Bailey of Cord Brandi Page of Bethesda and Candi Boozer of the home 4 grandchildren Skyla and Gifford Bailey of Cord Brianna Crisel of Meiflower and Conner Boozer of Greenbrier.
Bobby also had 5 sisters Linda Branscum Pam Bates and Robin Akers of Conway Rhonda Smith of Harrison Ar and Laura Atwell of Wilmington Oh and many brother in laws and nieces and nephews.
Bobby was a member of Weavers Chapel Freewill Baptist Church. He taught a Sunday School class and was a member of the choir.
Bobby was the Supervisor of Transportation and maintenance at Cedar Ridge school district.
Bobby was loved and respected by lots of friends and family and will be sadly missed.

Legacy of a brother  
Bobby was the only boy out of 6 kids. The 2nd child of 6 all born one year after the other. I've heard people say he was one lucky boy and must have been spoiled being the only boy out of all of them girls. But the opposite was true. We were the lucky ones. Bobby was the best brother anyone could have asked for. He was always there to help you whatever the problem was. He could tell you what was wrong with your car or he could just listen to you and give advice if you needed it. He was my little brother but he was also my shoulder to lean on. 
I remember when we were about 12 and 13, we were both baptised at the First Baptist church in Hughes Ar. But as we grew older, we both quit going to church, even though we still had our faith in the Lord. 
Just a few years ago, somewhere around 2001, Bobby started going to church with his family and he rededicated his life to the Lord. Because of his faith at the time of his death, his father in law was also encouraged to give his life to the Lord. At the time of his father in laws death just 5 months after Bobbys death, he had been baptised and was a Christian. 
Bobbys legacy was his faith and the desire he left with all of us to see him again and to share his faith and the love of God. 
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